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Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Pastosa located at 1076 Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY, offers pastas, deli specialties, meats, cheeses, and imported goods just like nearly all other Pastosa locations, but has opened its own produce section and an extended refrigerated section, stocking its own butcher’s meats, gelato, yogurt pints and  fruit sorbets, seafoods, and vegetables. This location acts as the neighborhood’s grocer, as there are few nearby places to shop, making Pastosa a very convenient one-stop shop for many customers, both Italian and Non-Italians. They pay close attention not to lose any authenticity, such items as mozzarella and many other counter staples are made and cooked by hand daily. Contact them at 718-667-2194 to shop for your authentic Italian products and tell them Sempre Avanti sent you!


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